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Chauntry Mills is a Grade II Heritage Listed victorian industrial textile mill, built for the Gurteen family manufacturing business in 1784.

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Chauntry Mills is built for the Gurteen textile manufacturing business.

Gurteen founder Daniel Gurteen was a Master Weaver specialising in weaving a material that was used for making agricultural smocks, known as Drabbets.

Intricately woven and immensely versatile, the Drabbets became the general utility garment of their age.

King George II is on the throne.

Stables are built on the site of The Counting House for the cart-horses used to deliver materials and products from the Chauntry Mills factory.




The stables are brick built for conversion to the suite of offices known as The Counting House.

Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II




Today, Gurteen is run by the sixth and seventh generation of the family.

Gurteen has a large private label business for household names and a branded business with stockists throughout the United Kingdom. The business continues to thrive on it's passion for producing great clothing.

The business has grown and Gurteen invests in a magnificent steam engine that remains at Chauntry Mills in pristine condition to this day.  This investment allowed the business to expand into mens’ clothing.

The company employs some 2,500 people in and around Haverhill.

The onset of the industrial revolution

Chauntry Mills, is fully occupied making uniforms and clothing and at this time had approximately 1,500 stockists throughout the United Kingdom.

The company has developed a strong reputation for good fitting, well made, quality clothing and continues to go from strength to strength.

The start of the 2nd World War



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Gurteen operates a balanced multi-channel men's clothing manufacturing business encompassing retail, wholesale and e-commerce. We are proud to have over 250 independent stockists throughout the country supported by a dedicated sales team.

Gurteen remains a privately owned and run family business and our passion for men’s clothing burns as fiercely today as it has throughout our history. Located in the heart of our community for more than 200 years at Chauntry Mills off the High Street in Haverhill, we enjoy strong relationships with the town, schools and our employees – many of whom, like us, had great-grandparents working in our heritage listed mill before them.

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The Gurteen Museum holds tools, machinery, ledgers and artefacts from the rich textile manufacturing heritage of Chauntry Mills collected over  the 200 years since it was built.


The Museum is not currently open to the public.

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